Airbnb Property Management

Boost your rental's income with hassle free Airbnb management services.

Hassle Free Airbnb Property Management Services

You're renting your property through Airbnb but need the hassle taken out of the management of it all, or are considering an Airbnb investment to diversify your portfolio, the KingsCoin team can help.

We take care of everything to ensure you get more of your precious time back and ultimately higher returns on your investment.

Boost your rental's income 

Your time and money is precious, let us help give you back more of both with our hassle free full service Airbnb management services. 

We manage all of the basic Airbnb property management services, such as maintenance,  paying rates, water bills and ensuring we maximise your return on investment. 

We also help with the in-depth Airbnb property services such as professional cleaning, laundry services, the entire booking process, communicating with your guests, optimising your listing and full accounting reporting.


Host responsiveness is crucial to Airbnb success, backed by technology our responses are fast, usually within 2 minutes. 


Let us help you deliver five star cleaning, laundry and welcoming services for immediate impact on your guest satisfaction. 


Guests being able to speak with someone whenever they need will greatly improve your chances of return bookings and five-star reviews.


KingsCoin deliver all reporting required for tax and accounting purposes and give you a login to access these reports 24/7.


Benefit from a fixed rate fee of 15% with no hidden charges. We get paid when you get paid. 

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Why short term rentals will benefit your rental property ROI

In our years of experience with property investors growing their portfolio through rentals we are well versed in the benefits of both short term and long term rentals.

Utilising a platform such as Airbnb for your short term rental property is a fantastic new way to maximise your rental's ROI.

Short term rentals benefit your rental property’s ROI by providing you

  • Lucrative peak period returns
  • Ability to block time for yourself – saving you costs elsewhere
  • Higher per night rate – balanced with healthy vacancy will outperform long term returns
  • Increased Tax Deductions

However it is important to consider all of the pros and cons for your investment.

Our article on the Pros & Cons of Short term rental VS Long term rental strategy will help provide more insight for your decision. Our team will help you navigate your options to provide solutions that suit your investment goals.

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Want to know what Airbnb could earn you?

Instantly find out what your Airbnb profit potential is and how it compares to traditional long term letting options. 


24/7 Airbnb concierge for premium guest services

When you consider that, many Airbnb guests are from overseas making bookings & enquiries from their time-zone and checking in and out every hour of the day - you can understand why 24/7 assistance is vital to the success of your listing.

Our premium guest services offer 24 hour 7 days a week customer services from a real-life person for your Airbnb guests. 

We know that being able to speak with someone whenever your guests need it will greatly improve your chances of achieving return Airbnb bookings and five-star property reviews.

Both of which will improve your search ranking and maximise your investment.

Improve your Airbnb booking rate of your property

Short term rentals booking rates Australia wide are notoriously tricky. Walking the line between occupancy and return requires years of data and also client experience, both of which KingsCoin have.

We will work to improve your Airbnb booking rate whilst concurrently working to improve your rental return. Our team will cover all of your Airbnb SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) needs to attract more bookings and increase your booking rate. With the rapid growth of Airbnb and short term rentals as holiday options those top spots are more competitive than every before.

Did you know Airbnb rewards hosts that initially responds within 24 hours and that you must maintain a 100% response rate to retain your Airbnb SEO rank. Check out more Airbnb SEO tips in our article here. 

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Improve search rankings with five star reviews

We all know how important Airbnb five star reviews are and this is why.

Airbnb has stated that “the quantity and quality of reviews from past guests can impact your search performance.” This is especially important when getting started or when looking to improve your search performance.

Benefit from the KingsCoin team applying our Airbnb property services experience, achieving and maintaining five star reviews for our clients, thereby ultimately improving your Airbnb listing search rankings. 

Here's a great resource on the factors that determine how your listing appears in search results. 

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Optimise tax deductions linked to rental properties

Short term rentals are increasing, yet few, if any are receiving the full tax deductions they are entitled to for offering their property to guests in this way.

Tax reporting in the form of audited trust accounting is crucial in achieving your deductions. Benefit from our audited trust accounting procedure, audited annually by an external auditor to ensure compliance with state regulations.

You will have 24/7 online access to all of your latest reports and will receive a monthly trust account statement, detailing all accommodation payouts and disbursements for the period.

Find out more with our Airbnb tax guide to help you optimise your deductions and home rental income.


Drawing upon extensive industry data and knowledge, we want you to have the insight you need to succeed with Airbnb. Check out these cities potential below. 

Airbnb Sydney Market

Overall high demand for Airbnb rentals with a current demand factor of 71 out of 100.

  • Av. daily rate $202
  • Av. monthly revenue $3,179
  • 23,599 short term rentals
  • 87% listed with Airbnb
  • 14% Quarterly rental income growth
  • Av. Occupancy Rate of 85%
Airbnb Sydney Insights
Airbnb Adelaide Market

Overall high demand for Airbnb rentals with a current demand factor of 70 out of 100.

  • Av. daily rate $175
  • Av. monthly revenue $2,126
  • 3,889 short term rentals
  • 78% listed with Airbnb
  • 6% Quarterly rental income growth
  • Av. Occupancy Rate of 60% 
Airbnb Adelaide Insights
Airbnb Melbourne Market

Overall high demand for Airbnb rentals with a current demand factor of 70 out of 100.

  • Av. daily rate $180
  • Av. monthly revenue $2,730
  • 22,612 short term rentals
  • 81% listed with Airbnb
  • 8% Quarterly rental income growth
  • Av. Occupancy Rate of 77%
Airbnb Melbourne Insights


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