We maximise the rental income potential of your property in 3 ways

Boost your occupancy rates through multi platform online listings

The world is now online, especially in the world of property. We will ensure full property listing optimisation across all of the top digital platforms tenants use. We will evaluate the most effective option with you then guide you with exactly the right strategies to boost not only your occupancy rates but also your returns.

Empower you with scalable rental strategies

Whether you choose long or short term rental strategy KingsCoin Management team & Airbnb agents empower you with the support and know how you will need to succeed. Explore scalable short term rental strategies that offer over 50% more income annually than traditional long term results. Or explore management services as part of long term rental strategy.

Reduce rental administration costs and increase deductions

Help is here for the often time consuming but critically valuable administration above that is crucial to your financial success with all rentals. KingsCoin offer full administration services, including ensuring your tax returns are filed correctly to maximise your deductions. Count on our expertise to ensure your financial return is the greatest it can be.

I would highly recommend KingsCoin to any serious investor. They have also been integral to growing my investment portfolio with a number of developments they have exposed me to. The guys at KingsCoin are not just super serious about the numbers but happy to have a beer with me too! Whether your looking to invest in established homes or get into new developments KingsCoin have certainly made me feel like a king while adding some coin to my pocket.

Tyson D.

Valued Investor

Have been renting for 8 years, KingsCoin are easily the best ones I have ever had the pleasure of renting under. My agent is professional and prompt to respond, and as a good tenant, I truly have never had an easier renting experience.

Kieran W.

Treasured Tenant

I was managing my own rental when I got the worst tenant that caused tens of thousands of $'s worth of damages. KingsCoin helped me get them out, helped fix all damages and got it rented again. I've since brought another property that KingsCoin are renting for me and haven't had a single problem - awesome job.

Tim C.

Valued Investor

Was recommended KingsCoin when I found myself with 2 tenant trashed empty houses and no idea how to get out of the hole. The KingsCoin team got us out of it and feeling good about our investment again. Would and do recommend to anyone who will listen.

Jordan H.

Valued Investor

KingsCoin have been managing my investment property since we purchased it in 2013. We have a had a few tenants in the house and because of great forward planning we have only ever had a 2/3 days of vacancy. Whenever the tenant has had any concerns the team has responded rapidly.

KingsCoin are very professional to deal with and it has been a pleasure having them manage our properties

David D.

Valued Investor

KingsCoin came highly recommended by a property professional and fellow investor. They have now been managing our investment properties here in SA for over 2 years.

The team is knowledgeable, personable and honest, staying in regular contact and have an infectious passion for property. The team works tirelessly to secure a good tenant, thinking outside the square to attract and screen them. Ongoing inspections and careful monitoring of payments ensure the tenancy runs smoothly and any problems are attended to promptly. We highly recommend the professional services of KingsCoin to anyone seeking a property manager a cut above the rest."

Joe & Steve

Valued Investors

What makes KingsCoin the right Property Managers for you?

The KingsCoin team have been consulting in the property industry for decades. We only employ experts with diverse backgrounds in portfolio and rentals management across Australia.

Our team, through proven market experience and deep insight into digital platforms, take a pro-active approach to help you maximise rental income potential to boost your portfolios worth, no matter where you call home.

  • In-depth Rental Market Industry Knowledge

    We offer over 50 years combined team experience with access to industry data to drive informed investment consultancy to help you make the best decisions.

  • Proven Portfolio growth with strategic Property Consultancy

    We've helped hundreds of Australian's grow their portfolio of investments to secure their future legacy.

  • Digital know-how to optimise your rental incl. Airbnb listings

    We're continually upgrading our digital expertise to keep you listed above the rest whichever platform you choose.

  • Successful track record managing short term rental tenants & guests

    We've welcomed thousands of guests to our growing number of short term rental properties, operating to 5 star standards. Let our success become your success.

  • Wide Geographical Property Consultancy Coverage

    With headquarters in Adelaide we also offer consultancy in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. KingsCoin are also ready to consider requests for any location not currently listed.

  • Strong Property Maintenance expertise

    Maintenance needs can be incredibly varied - everything from structural repairs through to garden maintenance, being critical for short term hosts. KingsCoin possess a solid network of service providers that offer us preferred prices which we pass onto you.

  • Regular Property Inspections

    Vital for protecting your investment and ensuring long term returns, KingsCoin carry out inspections frequently keeping you fully informed of the state of your property.

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Legal Assistance for risk-free short term and traditional rentals

Protecting you from any potential guest and tenancy disputes

Whilst tenancy disputes seldom happen, particularly in short term rental leases, tenancy problems such as refusal to leave the premise on time and property damages can happen. 

KingsCoin address tenancy or guest complaints immediately and offer professional in home legal assistance to our owners and Airbnb hosts, protecting landlords against any unexpected outcomes. 

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Advice on rentals legislation and insurance plans for Airbnb hosts

We ensure your rental is in line with Airbnb legislation

Every city in every state have different applicable rental laws. KingsCoin's legal team support our owners in navigating specific and relevant legislations to their properties to craft property rental strategies in line with all laws whilst ensuring profit maximisation.

Choosing the right Airbnb insurance cover for you

KingsCoin take a pro-active approach to frequently comparing short term rental home insurance providers, to ensure hosts are fully covered in case of any damage. Airbnb will provide some cover and we make sure you get full cover. 

Making the right choice when it comes to rental home insurance is critical to protecting your home. There is big differences between landlord insurance vs home insurance, make sure you have experts that understand your needs to get you the right deal.

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How do our property management fees work?

Our primary goal when considering our property management fees was value for your money. We set our fees below the average management fee for rental property in Australia. 

KingsCoin Property Management fees are 7.7% of rent + a leasing fee equivalent to 2 weeks rent. 

Short term rental Property Management fees are 15% with no joining or leasing fees. 

These are flat rate fees with no hidden charges. Our primary goal is to help you see the value by improving your occupancy rate and total income from your rental property - hassle free. 

KingsCoin consultants are able to provide advice to hosts on potential income and revenue improvement from the rental and calculate the property management cost for you in advance. 

We are so confident you will love our services we are willing to negotiate a lower commission with our owners for the first 2 months whilst we get to know each other. 

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The rise of professional Airbnb co-hosting services in Australia

This growing rental strategy is showing no signs of slowing with tens of thousands of Australian home owners now choosing to host on Airbnb. Not only are they choosing this platform however they have the ability to choose expert property managers to become their Airbnb co-host on the platform.

By choosing to partner with a professional Airbnb co-host company like KingsCoin you will ensure a consistently high quality standard of hosting guests and always be on time to keep your property clean for the next guests visit.

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Other KingsCoin Property Services

Property Investment Strategy

We provide consultation to property developers and investors on strategies that optimise your real estate returns. It's never too early to begin retirement planning and we believe building your wealth begins with property. Let us show you how.

New Home Sales

We work with home buyers to secure excellent deals on current development projects, with off plan options to save you upwards of 10% off asking price and lifetime rental guarantees to secure your investment income. We are the ultimate deal makers always seeking a win win for all.

Property Styling & Improvements

We have a fully dedicated home improvements team including an interior designer, construction project manager, estimator and a full book of tradesman looking for their next project. If your investment property needs an overhaul or refresh then talk to us to find out how we provide excellent results for excellent value.

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