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Our vision is to support millions of Australian landlords just like you with empowering and easy Property Management to create wealth, so you can live your dreams whilst leaving a legacy for your next generation.

We are wealth generators and legacy creators. We do this by supporting our investors success and being successful investors ourselves.

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Our mission is to help you gain financial freedom for you and your family. To do this we provide the best full service and stress free Property Management in Australia to protect and enhance your Property Portfolio and peace of mind.

From our rent guarantee to our first two months money back guarantee you can be sure that we are dedicated to our mission to protect and enhance your property portfolio. 




Our team are champions, that understand the hard work and sacrifice it takes to succeed.
We are prepared to put in the hard yards to achieve the goals we set for our clients and our business. It’s in our logo - square pegs in round holes - we push to overcome challenges, coming up with creative strategies that drive the financial freedom we strive for.




Creating and maintaining open and trustworthy relationships with our clients, partners, staff, suppliers, investors and the local community underpins every facet of our business. When we welcome you to the KingsCoin family, we aim to build a mutually beneficial, respectful relationship that lasts.



We pride ourselves on always acting with integrity and taking responsibility for our actions. Transparency is paramount so that everyone understands the plan, the process and the ramifications. Our word is our bond - if we stuff up, we own up and fix it. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and to grow.



We understand the hard work and sacrifice it takes to be great. We are prepared to put in the hard yards, the 10,000 hours, to achieve our goals. 

Our logo is a square peg in a round hole, we push to overcome the challenges and make the peg fit. 


When you work with KingsCoin, you harness a wealth of experience which
we promise to apply to your property to maximise your return.



We always have your best interests at heart. This means we seek well qualified tenants who will not only deliver a steady rental income, but also maintain your property over time.  We take the initiative to remove tenants who default on payments or cause damage.



Our success is closely tied to yours. Helping you, our investors build your portfolio is at the heart of what we do. With proven strategies, identify new opportunities and rigorously investigate the validity and feasibility of your future investments to ensure maximum capital gain.



Our fee structure is transparent and simple. When you get paid, we get paid. 

If there are any issues, let us know and we can resolve them. 

We are here for you, so let's work together. 



We are committed to long term ROI growth for your portfolio. This means we are proactive in identifying areas for improvement, such as renovations, extensions or new developments, to drive optimal profit without the need for market capital appreciation.



Getting the best income is a matter of having quality tenants. Investing some time in the right checks and references to get the best tenant is imperative. A good tenant will look after the property and pay their rent in a timely manner. 

Making sure that maintenance is followed up and not increasing rent too aggressively will ensure the tenants remain over the medium to long term. 



As property developers as well as managers, we are experts in identifying under-capitalised suburbs and broader growth trends resulting in new opportunities to deliver maximum growth for our investors. 

KingsCoin will keep a constant ear to the ground for you in the property market. 



Whether you own 1 or 10 properties we can assist with managing them to an excellent standard. The KingsCoin team are expert Property Managers with over 50 years combined experience in exceeding both landlords and tenants needs.  

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The rapid rise of the short term rentals market requires smart management. KingsCoin use various support technology in optimising all of our short term landlord's properties for maximum return - with results achieved at 50% more than long term options.

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Are you looking for a new home or to grow your wealth through property?
If so, please explore the new homes we have for sale, opportunities hand picked for maximising your returns.
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As the leading name in the sphere of Airbnb Property Management, our expertise lies in the meticulous oversight of short-term rental properties, which are popularly celebrated as vacation rentals. Our services span across a diverse array of online sharing platforms, of which Airbnb is a prominent example, but certainly not the only one. We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the complexities of various platforms, ensuring that your property not only gains maximum visibility but also attracts the right audience.

Our approach is holistic and tailored, understanding that each property has its unique charm and potential. From optimising your listing with high-quality photos and compelling descriptions to managing bookings, guest communications, and ensuring your property is cleaned and maintained to the highest standards, we cover all bases. This comprehensive management strategy guarantees that your investment not only retains its value but flourishes, earning you optimal returns.

In an era where the sharing economy is booming and travelers are increasingly looking for authentic, home-like experiences during their vacations, our role as your property management ally is more crucial than ever. We leverage our deep understanding of market trends, pricing strategies, and guest expectations to position your property as a top choice for vacationers. By entrusting us with your property, you're not just gaining a service provider; you're partnering with a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to making your short-term rental venture a resounding success.

Our commitment to excellence and our passion for the industry set us apart. As a premier Airbnb Property Management Company, we don't just oversee your rental; we elevate it. Join us in transforming your property into a thriving vacation rental that stands out on every platform it's listed on.

KingsCoin, under the leadership of Managing Director John Higginson, came into existence in 2011. From its inception, the company has embarked on an unwavering journey of growth, anchoring its success in a dedicated focus on technology innovation and a steadfast commitment to its cherished customers, always aiming for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our STRA Property Management fee for short term rentals is 15% + GST. There is a once off set up fee of $750 + GST to cover the templates, photography and editorials. Again we work on a commission basis so will only get paid as you receive income.

We use several different companies with whom we have relationships with depending entirely on your needs. When partnering with a property maintenance company, we consider costs, quality of work, timing and the on-going relationship.

We ensure that our tradesmen understand the needs of landlords and we also ensure we are not sending out tradesmen for simple jobs that we or the tenant can easily remedy.

The KingsCoin team manage over 80 short term rentals nationwide.

The financial benefits of owning an investment property is that you have your tenant paying off the property for you. Over the long-term, you will not only own your property, but the re-sell value is likely to increase as well.

At this point, the property either continues to generate you a regular income or you can sell it and pocket the profits. Consider it one of your best savings accounts!

Property investment also allows you to leverage your wealth. If you've got $50,000 and you go and buy shares, you're buying $50,000 worth of shares. In property investment, if you've got $50,000, you can buy a $400,000 asset. At five percent increase in the value on a $400,000 asset is far greater than a five percent increase $50,000 asset for the same amount of actual equity investment.

Aside from negative gearing, there is another way to lower your income tax through property investment. It is done by using the depreciation of a property as an offset to your income tax.

As an example, if your rental income is $20,000 per annum, while your mortgage repayments are $19,000, you're making $1,000 profit. But by depreciating the value of that property by $10,000 per annum, you're actually making what's seen as a loss of $9,000.

That loss you offset it against your income tax. Most of that depreciation comes in the first five years or so, so typically this strategy is more successfully applied to a new property.

However, please note depreciation is a tax deferral, not a rebate. This means when you sell the property, you've got to pay that money back to the ATO.

Positive gearing occurs when your property is earning you an income from the rent you charge. The revenue is greater than the expenses. 

Negative gearing occurs when the cost of owning a property outweighs the income it generates each year. This creates a taxable loss, which can normally be offset against other income including your wage or salary, to provide tax savings.

Yes, we recommend you do. KingsCoin can offer our experience to help you find the right broker. Not all companies are created equal across the board. Some brokers are good for certain types of products only. KingsCoin advises our clients to use a mortgage broker rather than going directly to a bank.

This is because a good mortgage broker will know which banks to put your application in front of based on again the bank’s eagerness to do business, the costs involved and interest charged. Mortgage brokers are paid by the bank.

KingsCoin can help to find you a trusted brokers who will place your financial well-being ahead of their fees so you can find the best mortgage to invest with.

We have created a blog article on this topic, to really give you details. Click here to view the blog


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