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John Higginson KingsCoin Property Development Management Adelaide

KingsCoin was founded by current Managing Director John Higginson in Adelaide in 2011. Born in Ireland, John moved to Australia after meeting his wife while travelling here on holidays. 

At the age of 21, John tried to buy a commercial property on the main street in his hometown in Ireland. The bank said no. 

Determined to work with real estate, he got a job on a construction site and studied real estate in the evenings for two years. That led to his first job as a property manager. Managing other peoples’ property gave him the itch to buy a property himself. However, his outstanding bank debts prevented him from acquiring a mortgage.

Stumbling upon an advert for 22 properties starting from only $11,000 each, he tried in vain to persuade his Dad to invest. Within 5 years they were worth $100,000 each.

Property was rising in value and it was easy to see where to invest and what to invest in. He applied for a mortgage again, and the bank said yes! The $25,000 loan allowed him to finally purchase his first property at age 26. He renovated and sold it four years later for $132,000. 

This was the beginning of John successfully developing various strategies to generate the cash flow and equity to continue investing. He was a millionaire at 30 years of age. He soon opened his own real estate agency, which grew to include 3 offices and over 26 staff, while completing a degree in Business Studies in the evening. During this time, he beat the biggest brand in Irish real estate to win a multi-million dollar deal advising on the strategy to develop and market the biggest tourist development in the country.

In 2007, John could see the property market in Ireland was about to crash, and so sold half of his investments. He advised his clients to do the same. Fortunately, his risk management strategy paid off. 


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John's passion is real estate. He will work tirelessly to help you achieve great wealth. He believes that in a quality of life, that is reflected in his strategies as well as the developments which KingsCoin are involved in. KingsCoin allows him to complete his personal vision of wealth for all. He's made many people very wealthy, and is here to help you.


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