Our fees are fixed and we have no set up fees in any respect, unlike other Property Management companies.

Our Property Management fee for long term rentals is 7.7% flat, with no hidden charges. We only get paid when you do. When choosing a brand new tenant a leasing fee is applicable charged at the equivalent of 2 weeks rent.

Our Airbnb Property Management fee for short term rentals is 15% flat, with no hidden charges and no set up fees. Again we work on a commission basis so will only get paid as you receive income.

Yes for long term rentals. No for short term rentals. We want the whole process to be simple and for you to feel totally confident that things are simply being taken care of.

That's why we guarantee your rent. If the tenant fails to pay, we will pay your rent out of our own pocket.

Terms and Conditions apply including the below;
  • Property must have 6 week bond
  • Landlord must maintain property as required
  • Rent Guarantee not valid if property is vacant upon receival
  • Bond covers the initial 6 weeks rent before guarantee begins
  • Landlord insurance is held to cover damages, landlord covers the excess

We use several different companies with whom we have relationships with depending entirely on your needs. When partnering with a property maintenance company, we consider costs, quality of work, timing and the on-going relationship.

We ensure that our tradesmen understand the needs of landlords and we also ensure we are not sending out tradesmen for simple jobs that we or the tenant can easily remedy.

If your property is being managed by KingsCoin, and is without a tenant for an extended period of time, we will act to resolve this issue. We will analyse the market, as well as look at your property to identify any barriers.

Sometimes it may be that the marketing is poor and is not attracting enquiries. Your rental charges may be high in comparison to similar properties in your area.We look to position your property as being valuable to a prospective tenant.

As part of this, we seek feedback from people who have come to view the property to help identify what they are seeking and how we can improve the property in order to secure tenancy.

The KingsCoin team manage just over 300 long term rentals and over 60 short term rentals nationwide.

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