Property management services

Your property is your legacy

We believe in helping you fuel your legacy. 
Our property management team do this by working to maximise your property's returns and protecting your long term interests.

Benefit from Investor Style Property Management

As Property Management experts, KingsCoin looks for every opportunity to add value to your current investment. You will hear from us each time an opportunity arises or as the market evolves giving you more options.  





Results focused Property Management

As an investor-focussed Property Management business we do not aim to maximise the number (quantity) of properties we manage, rather increase the quality of those we do. Instead of spreading the property management team too thin, diluting the landlord's best interests, we provide more focused support to the select clients we work with.

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  • "KingsCoin came highly recommended by a property professional and fellow investor. They have now been managing our investment properties here in SA for over 2 years. The team is knowledgeable, personable and honest, staying in regular contact and have an infectious passion for property.

    The team works tirelessly to secure a good tenant, thinking outside the square to attract and screen them. Ongoing inspections and careful monitoring of payments ensure the tenancy runs smoothly and any problems are attended to promptly. 

    We highly recommend the professional services of KingsCoin to anyone seeking a property manager a cut above the rest."

    Joe & Steve - KingsCoin Property Management Client



  • KingsCoin have been managing my investment property since we purchased it in 2013. We have a had a few tenants in the house and because of great forward planning we have only ever had a 2/3 days of vacancy and that includes the time from settlement to when the first tenant moved in.

    Whenever the tenant has had any concerns the team has responded rapidly, recommended a suitable course of action, provided me with suggestions, and always resolved the issue in a timely and affordable manner. KingsCoin are very professional to deal with and it has been a pleasure having them manage our properties.

    David D. - KingsCoin Property Management Client



  • I have been using KingsCoin for the past two years. I have found them to be very pro-active, informative and right on the money. They have ensured my properties have great tenants and should any unforeseen events arise have dealt with them swiftly and in a professional manner.

    The team has also minimised any unnecessary maintenance or issues that could get out of hand. I would recommend to any serious property investor.

    Tyson D. - Ace Body Corporate Management



Invested in Your Long-Term Legacy

We demonstrate initiative to remove tenants who have defaulted on payments or caused damage to the property. We seek tenants who will not only provide you income, but also improve the value of your property over their tenancy.


Sharing New Opportunities

As property experts our property market knowledge is second to none. We identify under capitalised suburbs and broader growth trends for you, creating new opportunities to grow your property investment portfolio. This is all included as a free services as part of our management offering.



KingsCoin Property Management services are dedicated to providing the best management possible. Across over 160 properties managed, we have never lost a client. KingsCoin will go above and beyond to ensure that your interests are looked after.

Simple Fixed Fee Structure

KingsCoin Property Management services are set at a fixed fee of 7.7%. No additional charges apply, irrespective of the services required by your property. Our fee only applies when rent is being collected as the fixed % of the amount charged. 




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Increase your return on investment with one email - contact Joe Kulonja to find out more.

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Increase your return on investment with one email - contact Joe Kulonja to find out more.

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KingsCoin are a leading boutique property development business based in Adelaide, South Australia. KingsCoin create investment opportunities, as well as offering investment strategy, project and property management services tailored to your needs. KingsCoin seek to maximise your returns at every possible opportunity.