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Should your development go ahead?

The Adelaide property market is constantly evolving. As suburban infrastructure and connectivity to the CBD are improved, developers are clamouring to capitalise on new opportunities across the Adelaide metropolitan area.


Many will jump into an opportunity without properly assessing the potential return on investment. Hasty property investment can, at best, result in unrealised potential. At worst, property developers can experience financial strain from an unfeasible project.

As Adelaide property development experts, KingsCoin can help you in assessing the potential returns from a proposed development. We help you by determining whether your property development project should go ahead, properly verifying the feasibility of your land acquisition, and planning the most profitable means of subdivision.


KingsCoin works with you to develop a strong understanding of your target market’s needs, planning requirements, site location and macro market conditions to start to assess the viability of your project.


Whether a new housing development in a growth corridor or high-density apartments, KingsCoin assists you to find the perfect site. We will also negotiate contract terms and settlement on your behalf, to minimise risks and ensure a better return on your investment.


We identify how you can optimise the land you have purchased to enhance its features, avoid council issues and maximise the potential returns from your development. We can help you reveal hidden gems that give your project a competitive edge in the Adelaide property market.


KingsCoin will prepare an analysis of the costs, risk, time and sales potential of your property development. This will allow you to assess the return on investment and the return on equity.

We also evaluate the cash flow requirement and prepare detailed proposals for your bank to assist with your finance application.

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John Higginson - Managing Director


KingsCoin Managing Director John Higginson is an expert in acquisition and subdivision in Adelaide.

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Contract KingsCoin to oversee your entire development process, maximising returns along the way. Learn More
Contract KingsCoin to oversee your entire development process, maximising returns along the way.
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