What Suburbs of Adelaide Are the Best to Invest In?

The Adelaide property market is an underrated gem, offering development and investment opportunities in close proximity to the CBD.

KingsCoin are frequently searching for development opportunities which fit several key criteria, beginning with zoning that is conducive to property development. We then assess the lifestyle offered by the location, how the suburb is developing and whether is it currently under-valued. The buyer's market and rental market help inform our decision for whether a development will be sellable.

A final criteria we check is how many other developers are going into that particular area. Property values can be significantly impacted by increased competition which can lead to over-valuation or under-selling tactics, both of which can limit investor returns.

We Are Looking West

The Western suburbs of Adelaide are changing. Cafe, markets, shops and lifestyle features are starting to be built adding to the existing hub of schools and good transportation. Adelaide's West already provides easy access to the CBD, buses, trains, movies & the beach. New infrastructure already established in the area includes the new Bowden Town Square and Markets, the South Rd redevelopment and the growing small business and cafe cultures in Croydon and Woodville.

This is just the tip of what has been scheduled, but for the time being entry into the West remains affordable. This is a trajectory which will soon see property values increasing. There are brand new developments appearing, and now is the time to capitalise for the best opportunity to maximise your return on investment.
Are you seeking new investment opportunities? See what we have to offer. Learn More
Are you seeking new investment opportunities? See what we have to offer.
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