#1 Secret + Top 5 strategies to Airbnb hosting success

The 'seems obvious' secret to Airbnb hosting success.

The most successful Airbnb hosts know it’s not about them it’s about their guests.

Well of course it is I hear you say, but many hosts don’t implement guest satisfaction strategies that actually boost their Airbnb income and profit.

Guest satisfaction ranks as one of the most important factors for visibility within Airbnb’s search engine with over 80% of first page listings also having high guest reviews.

More visibility = more bookings which = more revenue.

The 'not so obvious' secret to Airbnb hosting success

Top Airbnb hosts in Australia major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and the Gold Coast also have another thing in common, most have sought help from experts.

People in the property business, who know which strategies to best maximise your returns, with little to no inconvenience to you as a host.

It may just look like a private Airbnb host page, however many of the top ranking hosts in Canada, the US and now Australia have openly admitted to enlisting the help of property and digital experts to optimise their profile and thereby their chances of being seen.

Top 5 strategies for guest satisfaction success

There's there is so much written and reported on how to succeed with Airbnb.

The primary strategy is to impress your guests with your properties magic.

Guest satisfaction and all that it involves is definitely the most important element to your success as a host, it’s also the area where most of our hosts need help in upholding and maintaining the pressure that sometimes accompanies this hosting strategy.

Here are the 5 guest satisfaction strategies that help home owners become Super Hosts in no time:

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1. Gifts: No matter where your property is located, there's always a handful of local delights that guests will look forward to trying. Try including some in a small gift basket to really impress your guests!

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2. Cleanliness: While that sounds evident, timely 5 star cleaning services will be your best shield against negative reviews (working with an agent that provides dedicated suppliers can help make this practice more sustainable)

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3. Sharing information: Never overestimate how informed your guests are. Take full advantage of being a local, and don't hesitate to share some of the secrets of your area! You guest will write about their pleasant visits and experiences at length in their review if they get the impression of being well advised and well informed.

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4. Pricing: We're all tempted by high short term profit, however we can't emphasise enough than a slight reduction of your nightly rates will help attract more guests (and reviews) in the beginning.

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5. Review Generation: Don't be shy to provide marketing material that can be placed around the apartment to remind guests to leave a review and send a message to guests before they leave to find their secret surprise gift for being your guest, which in our experience helps motivate them to review.

These are strategies we know work and are confident will work for you too.

The rewards of guest satisfaction will surpass the efforts.

The financial benefits of satisfying your guests are renowned and we discuss this in more detail in our blog post Airbnb SEO: 5 ways to optimise your listing & increase bookings.

Ultimately, it comes back to being able to increase your booking rate at a maximised price in the long run, and while Airbnb Agents can help you put those best practices into play faster, we do encourage you to learn more about and put into practice enhanced guest satisfaction strategies on your own as well.

We believe property creates wealth and we believe wealth creates legacies. Consider KingsCoin your personal team of wealth generators and legacy creators.

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