What Is Involved in the Design of the Site and How Long Does It Take to Finalise?

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KingsCoin does not act as architects for any of our developments. When we refer to the design process, we are speaking about determining the best possible site layout and building design that can maximise the value of the land. Achieving the best possible design takes many revisions. We start with a concept, then look at the practicality of that concept design – is it liveable, comfortable, allows light and open space, easy access, storage, decent size rooms and well proportioned? Then we look at the cost of building it, what products will be used, what specification will we need to sell it, how does that impact on the budget and the end sales price.

We also need to look at the development criteria and ensure we are meeting those requirements including parking, turning circles, waste management, private open space, road access, power, water, stormwater, etc. Getting the balance across all areas is what takes time, we are balancing what the designer, engineer and builder are saying against costs and sales values.

Completing the design of a development can take between 90 to 180 days to complete.

Discover the benefits KingsCoin can provide your next development. Learn More
Discover the benefits KingsCoin can provide your next development.
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