What We Don't Do

KingsCoin offers professional services across property development, project management, property management and investment strategy.

We do not arrange finance or provide financial services.

We offer our professional advice on property investment strategy, based upon our expertise.

We are not a real estate agent and we do not sell established homes.

With the exception of existing property which we manage on behalf of our clients, we do not offer this service.

We are not architects, designers, engineers or surveyors.

We work in partnership with contractors, surveyors, engineers and architects to maximise your returns from our investment opportunities.

We're not commercial developers.

Commercial development means building or developing offices, retail, industrial type property. We offer investment opportunities in residential developments which we project manage ourselves.

We are not property spruikers.

Property education spruikers are constantly marketing themselves online, offering free high energy seminars, then charging for the ‘how to’ information. The services we provide our customers are real, not theoretical.

We are not financial advisors.

While we do not provide advice on your financial strategy ourselves, in many instances we will be able to extend our professional network to you so you can always trust who you are working with.


Capitalise on the Opportunities in the Growing Adelaide Property Market

With KingsCoin as your partner, you can rest assured that professional, reliable, and proven property investment experts are working on your behalf. Learn more about KingsCoin property development and investment services and discover if property management is right for you.

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KingsCoin are a leading boutique property development business based in Adelaide, South Australia. KingsCoin create investment opportunities, as well as offering investment strategy, project and property management services tailored to your needs. KingsCoin seek to maximise your returns at every possible opportunity.