Property Marketing

If you’re looking to sell an established property or development, there will always be marketing costs involved. To attract the best price, you need to ensure your marketing is working effectively and efficiently to create competition from the broadest number of potential buyers.

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A key advantage of working with KingsCoin is that we can manage the sales and marketing of your project alongside the construction. We assist you to identify your targets audience, be they investors or owner/occupiers. From there, we advise you on a suitable price point and execute a marketing strategy tailored to meet your market cost-effectively.

Strategic Pre-Completion Marketing to Investors

As Adelaide property development experts, KingsCoin is able to offer investors the opportunity to purchase a property as part of your development off-the-plan. The equity generated from these pre-sold properties can help boost your cash flow to complete your project, attract additional investors and relieve the pressure of recuperating your investment after your developments completion.

Thorough Pre-Development Market Assessment

Utilising our expert knowledge of the Adelaide property market, KingsCoin conducts a thorough market assessment on your development to understand what aspects of it will appeal to which buyer. We will then seek an independent valuation of your development to support our assessment. This will help to ensure that your financial approvals are a breeze. It also enables us to design and price your development with a target buyer in mind, assisting us to maximise your returns come sale.

Targeted Property Marketing

We ensure that your marketing is tailored to position the development in front of the broadest number of potential buyers. We take efforts to optimise your advertising spend and media communication so that we create demand for your property cost-effectively.

Learn how making smart decisions with your development can make selling your property easier. Learn More
Learn how making smart decisions with your development can make selling your property easier.
Learn More
KingsCoin are a leading boutique property development business based in Adelaide, South Australia. KingsCoin create investment opportunities, as well as offering investment strategy, project and property management services tailored to your needs. KingsCoin seek to maximise your returns at every possible opportunity.