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Start-to-Finish Project Management

By utilising our expertise across all stages of property development, we can enhance the profitability
of your project. You as a site owner can be as involved or as laid back as you choose, knowing that your
returns are set to improve with our support.

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Each stage of a property development may require its own professional service.

By properly addressing the individual challenges specific to each stage of your property project, we can not only deliver a final product of outstanding quality, but prepare you to reap the highest returns.

Whether you require a comprehensive start-to-finish management service, to bring expertise into your project or to salvage management of an existing project; KingsCoin provides a high level of transparency, attention to detail and can implement a rigorous budget strategy so you can achieve maximum return on your property investment.

  • Development Approval
    Through careful consideration of established relationships, we select the best team to work through your Development Approval, increasing the chance of it succeeding. By having the right team from the outset we improve the project scope and reduce potential red tape issues on your property development.
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
    KingsCoin provide you with a dynamic approach to scheduling. Beginning with set milestones for design and construction phases, we balance these against your long-lead priorities. By doing so we can improve efficiency, reduce project time delays, increase your cash flow and optimise your capital expenditure. Strong project controls help ensure you get the property development outcome you want.
  • Construction Management
    We select contractors for your project based on quality, relationships, deliverable results and price. While we have preferred contractors, their terms are always measured against a tender process. Transparency, project controls and regular on-site meetings allow us to manage the construction, monitor budgets, keep to your schedule and measure key milestones.
  • Project Completion & Handover
    At the end of a long project, people are tired and things can often be missed. This makes it arguably the most critical phase of a development. We avoid this issue by preparing how the handover process will occur from the moment we become involved in your project.
    Our close-out process ensures timely commissioning and handover, preventing delays to the project completion date. We ensure all parties work to their contracts, and we facilitate the processes and checks to be completed.
    Once completed, we do a final analysis of the entire project. This includes evaluating actual expenditure against your budgeted targets.

John Higginson - Managing Director


KingsCoin Managing Director John Higginson is an expert in property project management and can tailor the right soultions for your project.

Increase your project return on investment with one email - contact John to find out more.

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There are wide ranging benefits to developing with KingsCoin. Discover more here. Learn More
There are wide ranging benefits to developing with KingsCoin. Discover more here.
Learn More
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