Lifetime Rental Guarantee

Rent. Guaranteed.

Our Lifetime Rental Guarantee is available to you when you invest in a KingsCoin property development.

It is offered in partnership with Rossdale Homes and is offered exclusively when you choose to have your property managed by KingsCoin.

How Does The Lifetime Rental Guarantee Work?

The Lifetime Rental Guarantee is effectively a security floor which ensures that you will receive a fixed payment in lieu of rent for your property for a maximum of 50-weeks per year, irrespective of whether your property has a tenant.

The two weeks per annum where the payment is not provided reflects the standard length of time that a property would seek a tenant on the market. If you have not found a tenant after that period passes, then your guarantee comes into effect.

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Discover more benefits of working with KingsCoin
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KingsCoin appraises the rent the property will achieve, for example, $380 to $400 per week. The Rental Guarantee is then set in the middle of that range, so $390 per week. The Rental Guarantee is a very realistic market value, one that is achievable and is not over valuing or skewing rental yields.



The Lifetime Rental Guarantee offers additional security for your return on investment over the long-term. It ensures a minimum income can be generated from your property at all times.

It is especially valuable for if you choose to purchase property through a self-managed super fund. By providing a minimum guarantee, you minimise your risk on your property portfolio. You will always know what you are getting.

Are There Any Conditions?

The first condition is that the property must be managed by KingsCoin. Our investor-focussed Property Management ensures that your property is being professionally managed.

The second condition is that if there is maintenance required on your property, that it is completed within a reasonable amount of time.

Unfortunately, the Guarantee is not included as part of the list of benefits offered by KingsCoin Property Management on existing properties brought to us. See the full list of management benefits here:

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Looking to learn more about your options?

At KingsCoin, we understand that investing in property can be daunting, especially if you are new to it. That's why we offer a free 1 hour Investment Strategy Session where we can help you to identify your goals and how to reach them.

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