Investment Strategy

What separates KingsCoin from our competition is an all-pervasive customer focus. At every opportunity, we seek to create and provide you with new Adelaide property investment opportunities that will maximise your investment returns.




Capitalise On Opportunities in the Adelaide Property Market

The Adelaide property market is an underrated gem, offering development and investment opportunities in close proximity to the CBD.

KingsCoin are frequently searching for development opportunities which fit several key criteria, beginning with zoning that is conducive to property development. We then assess the lifestyle offered by the location, how the suburb is developing and whether is it currently under-valued. The buyer's market and rental market help inform our decision for whether a development will be sellable.

A final criteria we check is how many other developers are going into that particular area. Property values can be significantly impacted by increased competition which can lead to over-valuation or under-selling tactics, both of which can limit investor returns.

KingsCoin knows Adelaide is a good city to invest in. Presently, it is a very affordable property market to enter into, and property prices have remained stable over the long-term. For investors, this means that the risks of investing in Adelaide are lower than in the Eastern states.

Maximising Your Investment Returns

Placing our investors at the forefront of our decision making is key to our wealth generation strategy.

We begin by rigorously identifying the validity and feasibility of our developments before any opportunity is presented to potential investors. We will not proceed with a project unless it promises strong returns for you.

In addition, the roles of developer, project management, and the sales and marketing team are all assumed by KingsCoin across all of our projects. We also co-invest in each project. This ensures that we are transparent and accountable at every stage of a development.

Moreover, it also ensures that our success is closely tied to yours.

Evolving Your Investment Strategy

Property development and investment are both constantly evolving markets. In order to maximise your return on investment in each instance, you cannot afford to apply a static strategic approach.

Too often, though, developing and investing in property are over-simplified. Strategies assume that the market will simply 'grow' over time and your returns will increase accordingly. This is a lazy strategy.

When you invest in property, you should seek to maximise your returns at each and every stage of the development process, not just once the property is yours. As Adelaide property development experts, KingsCoin identify the best opportunities for you to create even greater wealth from the equity you have already worked so hard to create.

Grow Your Investment Portfolio

 Investors who have equity in any KingsCoin property development are provided with the options to grow their portfolio. Upon the completion of any of our Adelaide development projects, you can choose to either walk away with your returns, or consider several re-investment opportunities.

This may involve purchasing a property in the development outright and taking advantage of our Lifetime Rental Guarantee, or taking your equity into our next development to continue to watch it grow.

Regardless of your choice, we want you to make an informed decision. You can access our investment consultants at any stage of the process free of charge to help you decide what will be the best move for you.

Some people aim to become property developers, others are looking to diversify their investments and some simply to enhance their financial security. Whatever your aim, we tailor your property investment strategy to your circumstances to ensure that you’re are always working towards growing wealth for the future.

Discover the opportunities that KingsCoin create to grow wealth.

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Learn more about KingsCoin's FREE, no obligation investment strategy consult.
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KingsCoin are a leading boutique property development business based in Adelaide, South Australia. KingsCoin create investment opportunities, as well as offering investment strategy, project and property management services tailored to your needs. KingsCoin seek to maximise your returns at every possible opportunity.