Investment Costs & Returns

At KingsCoin we believe property creates wealth and wealth creates legacies. That's why we are driven to help more Australian's create their own legacies by being a wealth generation company with a focus upon the property market.

We offer property development, sales, marketing, property management, investment strategies and opportunities to create new wealth for our customers.

Off-the-Plan Property Opportunities

KingsCoin offers off-the-plan investment opportunities, offered before construction has commenced. The generated capital from these pre-sold properties is used to commence construction.

Purchasing property off-the-plan can save you, on average, 10% of the property purchase price. In addition, there's no charges during the 12 months your property is being constructed, meaning less risk for your investment. 

Deposits for an off-the-plan investment typically begin at 5% to 10% of the total purchase price. You are not required to pay the remaining amount until settlement of the balance. 

Equity Investment Opportunities

To grow your wealth through property, we can help you in two ways - either invest in the development itself or purchase a property off-the-plan.

Typically, when KingsCoin purchases a development site, we will seek to offer a 35% share in the equity to investors. The remaining 65% represents KingsCoin's investment, which is secured against the actual land and the property itself.

KingsCoin then share 50% of profits back once we complete the development. This provides you with a better profit-per-dollar return on your investment, accelerating the growth of your wealth.

A minimum investment of $50,000 is required. KingsCoin aims to deliver a minimum 20 percent return on overall investment and a 50-80% return on equity.

ROI on property investments in Adelaide Australia with KingsCoin property developers

Drive Your Returns With Our Lifetime Rental Guarantee

The Lifetime Rental Guarantee is effectively a security floor which ensures that your KingsCoin managed property will receive a fixed payment in lieu of rent for your property for a maximum of 50-weeks per year, irrespective of whether your property has a tenant.

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KingsCoin provide you with a FREE, no obligation investment strategy consult. Learn More
KingsCoin provide you with a FREE, no obligation investment strategy consult.
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KingsCoin are a leading boutique property development business based in Adelaide, South Australia. KingsCoin create investment opportunities, as well as offering investment strategy, project and property management services tailored to your needs. KingsCoin seek to maximise your returns at every possible opportunity.