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The ultimate goal of property investment is to grow long-term wealth. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t wealth to be unlocked in the short-term. In order to accrue the full benefits of your property investment and maximise the returns you're likely to see,  it's imperative that you plan into the future.

KingsCoin creates investment opportunities to help you generate return on equity from new developments, as well as purchase new property to grow your portfolio.

In order to maximise your return on investment in each instance, you cannot afford to apply a static strategic approach. Too often, though, developing and investing in property are over-simplified. Strategies assume that the market will simply 'grow' over time and your returns will increase accordingly.

This is a lazy strategy.

When you invest in property, you should seek to maximise your returns at each stage of the development process, not just once the property is yours. Furthermore, your property manager should support you to not only maximise your returns, but also accelerate the growth of your portfolio. This means identifying the best opportunities to invest the equity you have already worked for hard to earn.

How KingsCoin Help Investors

A lot of people who invest in property do not have a business plan or exit strategy. Essentially, they do not understand how to generate wealth from property investment.

A typical scenario may be that they decide to take all of the equity out of their current home, and put it into an investment property without testing whether this decision will be feasible. How does that work as a business? Well, if you're looking to buy that property to retire, you won't be able to. You'll be stuck paying for it.

KingsCoin helps you to develop your property investment strategy. We look at why you're buying a property and tailor a plan to suit your circumstances. That's how we are able to create value on your investment every step of the way and maximise your returns.

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Leverage The Benefits Of Property Investment

Helping you to reap the financial benefits from investment is the driving force of our business.

We work hard to position your investment so that your tenants are paying off the property for you. This means that you gain a new asset which can generate you rental income once it is paid off. Moreover, your property will have increased in value over the time of your investment, so you will generate even more profit should you wish to sell.

Property investment also allows you to leverage your wealth to earn greater returns than other investments. For example, if you invest $50,000 in shares, you can only increase your wealth based on that value. In property investment, if you've got $50,000, you can buy a $400,000 asset. A five percent increase in the value on a $400,000 asset is far greater than a five percent increase on a $50,000 asset for the same amount of actual equity investment. Through a KingsCoin property investment, your returns will be superior.

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Maximise Your Investment Returns

Placing our investors at the forefront of our decision making is key to our wealth generation strategy.

We begin by rigorously identifying the validity and feasibility of our developments before any opportunity is presented to you. We will not proceed with a project unless it promises strong returns for you.

In addition, the roles of developer, project management, and the sales and marketing team are all assumed by KingsCoin across all of our projects. We also co-invest in each project. This ensures that we are transparent and accountable at every stage of a development. Moreover, it also ensures that our success is closely tied to yours.

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Discover KingsCoin's wealth generation strategy. Learn More
Discover KingsCoin's wealth generation strategy.
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Want to learn more about how you can generate wealth from property investment?

At KingsCoin, we offer a free 1 hour Investment Strategy Session that can help you identify your property goals and how to acheive them. Sign up today and begin your journey towards true wealth generation. 

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KingsCoin are a leading boutique property development business based in Adelaide, South Australia. KingsCoin create investment opportunities, as well as offering investment strategy, project and property management services tailored to your needs. KingsCoin seek to maximise your returns at every possible opportunity.